i established the people's republic of sweets to provide homemade and custom baked goods that you can feel good about eating. from custom granola made to your specifications to playful interpretations of cookies, brownies and spiced nuts. classic treats with an uncommon flair. tell me what feeds you and let me help make that a reality. what am i about? being creative and decanting ideas. thanks, wendy (aka the dear baker!)

inverted I consider myself a foodie, and these are some of the most delectable and unique foods I have ever experienced. The world is surely in for a treat! inverted Remy M line
inverted A new concept in culinary expectations, PROS is proof that anyone can enjoy a wide-range of decadent (even custom made!) desserts. Although I have no dietary restrictions, I opt for the sin-free (but sinful tastes) of PROS' healthier dessert line. I have a standing order of my personal granola mix which was crafted in tandem with Wendy. Throw in lentil-based chocolate chip cookies, and a batch of Nutella/bourbon infused brownies, and I am set for the week inverted Paige K line
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 I get it! the dear baker makes everything to your specifications. Every effort is made to accommodate allergies and food sensitivities, but the kitchen is not allergen free.